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About Us
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Mandy was born in Dayton, OH but raised in the hills of Tennessee. She was raised with good old fashioned southern values…and all the superstitions of the south. Her love for the paranormal began with her grandfather at a very early age. Tales of hauntings, “haints” and legends put her to sleep at night. Growing up in a small town, she had her fair share of run-ins with the paranormal and was an investigator long before it became the cool thing to do. Now, as an adult, she hopes to use her knowledge to help those who are having paranormal activity in their home or business.
Kim was raised in Harrison, Ohio and currently live in Franklin, Ohio. She had a couple of experiences when she was in high school that she couldn’t explain. She wanted to know more, so she read a lot of books and it turned into a passion. She is pretty open minded, but always remains a little skeptical. She has been investigating on her own for about a year and is looking forward to learning all she can about the paranormal and broadening her research methods as part of a team.
Amy was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. She has had experiences ever since she started working for a haunted house which got her into researching the paranormal. She hopes to soon visit other haunted sites around the world.
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This Part of the Page is for Evidence that we have collected. Please Click on the below links to see each location.