Our Approach

We approach our paranormal investigations with open minds, open hearts and as scientifically minded as is possible. Intuition also plays a big role in what we do. All those things that go bump in the night are just waiting for natural answers to present themselves. Is it always possible to provide those natural answers? No. There are some things that cannot be explained. We, as a team, try to debunk what we can and present evidence as scientifically as possible.

Meet the Team


Kim S.

Co Founder / Case Manager / Lead Investigator 
Kim is a Christian, raised in Harrison, Ohio and currently lives in Franklin, Ohio. In high school she had a couple of experiences she could not explain.
For the last thirty years, she has been reading and learning all she can about the supernatural. Kim considers herself to be very open minded, but leaves room for skepticism.
She has investigated several places over the years and has had countless experiences both personal and well documented. Her goal is to bring awareness to the paranormal in a truthful and positive manor.

Kim M.

Investigator in Training

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Co Founder / Finance Manager / Lead Investigator 

Mandy was born in Dayton, OH but raised in the hills of Tennessee. She was raised with good old fashioned southern values…and all the superstitions of the south.

Her love for the paranormal began with her grandfather at a very early age. Tales of hauntings, “haints” and legends put her to sleep at night. Growing up in a small town, she had her fair share of run-ins with the paranormal and was an investigator long before it became the cool thing to do.

Now, as an adult, she hopes to use her knowledge to help those who are having paranormal activity in their home or business.

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Investigator in Training

Maridith is a lifelong Northern Kentuckian. A big history geek who enjoys reading. She loves animals, especially her baby, a Shih-Tzu named Finnley.
Maridith has a scientific background so she looks for natural answers first. She has been fascinated with the paranormal for years now, but had not had any type of experience until a couple of years ago while working in a museum. With that, she is ready to begin this new endeavor into paranormal investigating to learn more and help others with their experiences. We’re all just trying to find the truth and make ourselves more educated.



Co Founder / Tech Manager / Lead Investigator 

Amy was raised in Cincinnati and currently lives in Kettering, Ohio. Several years ago while working on a haunted house, she encountered her first of many paranormal experiences. Researching the paranormal and making sense of her experiences allowed her to begin her journey of understanding. Amy's vast knowledge of computers and equipment is a huge asset to our team. Amy looks forward to expanding our investigative skills and documenting some of our most haunted locations.