My Life as a Newbie

Pretty much most of my life I have been interested in the paranormal. Now, it’s a complete fascination with a major side of full speed ahead. No, I’ve never had what I would call a “real” experience. I haven’t seen an apparition. I haven’t heard a disembodied voice, but I have had a couple of unexplained things happen to me.

Can you tell, I’m the skeptic? I want to believe, I just can’t….yet.

I can’t really say how this fascination began. I didn’t grow up in a haunted house. No one in my family has any abilities, well, that anyone has wanted to admit. I just found myself always intently listening to stories of the paranormal when they came up.

Then came the TV shows. I couldn’t stop watching, although I never really believed them, the magic of editing and all. I just could not get enough.  There was one show I watched with enthusiasm. I thought they did a great job being skeptical and trying to debunk. Then there was the comedy show. The one where they took themselves so seriously that everything was some type of evil spirit or demon coming to get them, and everyone. I was still naïve though.

Then it happened. One day while working in a history museum, I had my first “experience.” (Yeah, that was a super cool gig being curator of a history museum). I was in the collections room that was two floors. I had been upstairs and turned the lights out, so it was pitch black. Nope, no windows. It’s a museum, you can’t preserve artifacts with sunlight flooding in damaging them with the UV lights. Anyway, (can you also tell I’m easily side-tracked?) The point is there was no way, no how anyone was up there. I was about to exit collections on the lower level. Lights out. All of them, top and bottom. As I opened the door to leave, I heard footsteps upstairs. I stood and listened as they walked the length of the room. They got louder as they headed towards me, then past me, fading, then nothing. I said, well OK, that was interesting, then closed the door and left.

Later that year a co-worker mentioned a phone call from a group that wanted to conduct a paranormal investigate there. The problem was that someone had to stay all night in the museum with them. Uh, hello! That’s a problem? I jumped at the chance!

The group came and we investigated together. We had a small experience that night. An EVP was heard on replay. And, the best of all….I found out my office was a portal. Say what?! That actually explained a lot. So, I invited the group back for a second go around and stayed again. It was as if I had known the girls for a long time, I fit right in. After that they decided to keep me, lol. Although, sometimes they claim to not know who it was that let me stay, LOL.

Since then I have been on more and more investigations. I admit, I wasn’t at all nervous about the museum investigation. I was comfortable there, plus this wasn’t my team. The first “real” investigation I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn’t. I was just so excited to get the opportunity to do something I had been thinking about and dying to do (no pun intended) for so long. Plus, we got along so well.

I embraced the role of “Newbie” and asked what I needed to do. I had never done this before, except at the museum. I let them set up all the equipment. I could pretend I knew what to do from all the tv shows I watched but that is just not how things work. Plus, we have some real OCD people on our team. I asked for instructions and still do. I’m still learning and that’s ok. Of course I’m afraid of making mistakes, who isn’t? And yes, I have made some. Thankfully so far nothing major.

The first investigation was a crazy one, a haunted house. No, not a house that is haunted, a haunted house that people go through at Halloween and pay to have actors jump out at them and scare the begeebeez out of them. Well, this is funny because I am a major scaredy cat. I hate scary movies (all of them). I do really get scared. Plus, a haunted house. Say what?! I don’t care if the lights are on and there aren’t actors in there! On our walk through I was nervous. Not about the spirits or anything paranormal, but the actual set. I kept my eyes on the floor pretty much the entire time. I was so grateful we walked through with the lights on and all the animatronics off! That place freaked me out!

Anyway, the investigation started off quite literally as we walked in the front door.  I was amazed. Did I just hear that? Yes, I did. We all did. Throughout the night, sitting in the dark we heard lots of things. However, I was never scared. I was so interested. I was asking questions, trying to find reasonable, scientific explanations. It was invigorating. I always try to find a logical explanation. My problem is I still don’t always think about all the possible reasons. I’m still learning to think even more and more analytically to find an explanation.

Since then, there have been some investigations that were quiet and some where a couple things happen. It’s not like on TV, where it’s action packed all night. In fact, activity doesn’t usually happen. Ghosts don’t work on demand or on cue as if in a play. Would you say your name 5 million times if people kept asking you? They’re people too, just not alive anymore.

We’ve added a couple of more team members since I joined. We meld so well. It’s like we feed off of each other’s sick sense of humors and varying personalities. And although they are new to the team, I am the one they call Intern. I guess it’s fair since over all I am the newest at investigating.

The one burning question I still have is, when watching the TV shows, why do they always investigate at night? And, turn out all the lights? We always investigate at night. Ok, I get it, there is noise contamination during the day, but why do we still investigate with all the lights out? I mean, when we die and become ghosts do we become nocturnal or something? Do ghosts only come out when the lights are off? Still haven’t figured that one out. If you have an answer, please let me know.

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