My Life as a Newbie: We Asked for Action and Boy Did We Ever Get it!

Amy, Kim, Mandy, and I decided to go investigate the location of a local urban legend. Mandy had been there before, Amy and Kim had heard of the legend, but not being a local I hadn’t heard the story. Mandy was the responsible person this time and got us the needed permits to be on this location after dark and to film.

I should have heeded warning signs before and during the investigation. I can’t remember the exact conversation, but something about maybe needing protection…for wild animals (?), sure, we’ll go with that. Ding-ding-ding missed warning. Jokingly, I asked what kind of place they were taking me to, oh, little did I know. Mandy replied with “You’ll see” and a devil emoji. Another warning.

After we met up and were driving to the location, they began to talk about how shady the neighborhood is, the road is a dead end so you never know what might happen there, like drug deals. Hello! Another missed warning. If something did go down, (say what?!) I would be ducking and covering somewhere, just hopefully somewhere where there wasn’t poison ivy.

The location is a county forest preserve ran by the county parks. There is an urban legend that a girl had been killed there and haunted the location. While on the bridge in the woods, Amy, Kim, and Mandy all felt creeped out. I was creeped out by the random sandal laying there and even more so by the old hospital bed sitting on the middle of the bridge. Yes folks, you heard me correctly, an old hospital bed. No, not at all creepy in the middle of the woods at the site of an urban legend about death.

Mandy filmed her vlog for the legends and lore section of Revenant Quest’s website, and we took some pictures with the drone. I found it peaceful. Unfortunately, there was lots of graffiti. But there was a tree leaning against the bridge that just had bright colors sprayed on it, no words or pictures. While I don’t like graffiti and its disrespect toward our mother earth, I found it fascinating, like a painting. So, I did the only thing I could think to do, take pictures of it so I could use it as a template for painting later.

At this point in the story all seemed to be going smoothly and it was. Except, for the missed warnings and the fact that I forgot the most important piece of equipment, a flashlight. DUH! To be fair, I wasn’t the only one. But, out on that bridge I had fun using my new EMF detector, of which there were no EMF’s of course. Then I got excited about doing an EVP session. I had now broken rule number two, I did not check the batteries. My recorder was dead. No EVP session for me. UGH!

The main part of the investigation was for something that would happen after dark. We had plenty of time, so we went for a ride to find a couple of other places that have urban myths attached. No luck on one and somewhat on the other. They were interesting stories though.

We returned to our primary location shortly after 9. It was a beautiful Saturday night. I mean the weather could not have been better. The place was packed, and the teens just kept coming. Just before dark fell, Amy was setting up cameras for the investigation. As light was fading, a large group of teenagers pulled up in a few cars. There were about 8-10 and they went off to the left path which leads to the bridge. Damn it! Now we can’t do an EVP session. Yes, Mandy had her recorder. They were loud. And after a while we hear a gun being fired. Seriously! We talked about calling the cops. We had a permit to be there, I doubt they did. Plus, that was just dumb, shooting a gun in a forest preserve. Alas, we did not. Yep, another missed warning.

Eventually we were sitting in the car; the mosquitoes were terrible. (FYI, they did not seem to care about our natural bug repellent). It was all but dark and Amy was double checking the cameras. A car or two pulled up and talked to Amy. They were planning to go shooting. Missed warning here. Amy told them we would be there and not to shoot in our direction. Mandy began telling her story about the urban legend and what was supposed to happen. Kim had a camera sitting on the dashboard, but in the middle of Mandy telling her story, it shut down. Batteries dead. I got out my cell phone and start filming. Yes, she checked the batteries and yes, they were full. They should last about 2 hours or so (if I remember correctly).

Mandy began telling her story again, continuing to film on my phone. Just as Mandy was getting to the climax, we heard a bunch of gun shots. Damn it, we should have called the cops earlier. Suddenly, a rush of teens from both paths come running. They can’t get into their cars and get the hell out of dodge fast enough. Well that’s not good. Either something paranormal scared them or worse. Amy got out to find out what was happening. At first, she was ignored. Then someone yelled someone was shot. During all of this I was in the back seat. I tried to film out the back window, but it was too dark. Everyone was jumping out of the car but for some reason the childproof locks were working for my door only. I eventually figured it out, but I was the last. I was yelling, asking if I needed to call 9-1-1. I don’t know who answered but I heard yes, he was shot.

I immediately called, looked over and saw a couple of unknown people helping a boy to the gate. Mandy was already on with 911, Amy was hold something around his leg. It turned out to be a shirt Mandy got from another boy. We were all focused on this kid. He was 18 and just graduated from high school. In the chaos, all of his friends left him. ALL of them. The place which had just been overcrowded was now a ghost town (haha, couldn’t resist). It was suddenly this poor boy, shot in the calf, talking on the phone with his mom, with these 4 grown women around him asking him a gazillion questions.

Thankfully, Amy had been an EMT and Mandy had been a medic. They knew what to do. Me, I had called 911 and just talked to the kid. Kim was somewhere there too doing something wonderful. I wanted to keep him awake and talking. I somehow ended up holding a flashlight. After, we think, the entire town’s police department showed up, along with park rangers, the ambulance, and a fire truck, the kid told us he had a crutch somewhere. Maybe back where they were shooting. Why did he have a crutch? Well, he was almost recovered. He had been cutting grass, slipped and had 2 of his toes cut off! Yes, on the same leg! I did not laugh at the time, but we sure laughed later. This poor kid! We all agreed he needs to live in a bubble. He gets 2 toes cut off, then a “friend” drops a gun, it fires and hits him in the leg. There is no possible way I can make this stuff up! True life is just so crazy.

What makes this story longer are the jurisdiction issues. On one side of the gate, the parking lot side, is 1 police jurisdiction, the officers who showed. Past 1 gate was the park ranger’s jurisdiction and on the other side of the right gate, where they had been shooting, was a 3rd jurisdiction. So, we had to wait I’m guessing over an hour for the other department to show. It was fine, I’m not complaining. We actually had a really good time talking to all the police. They were so hilarious and a lot of fun. I would hang out with them anytime!

Amy checked her camera footage and caught some stuff, so she gave her SD card to the police. I checked my phone video but unfortunately nothing. You can see red taillights, but it was too dark to see anything else.

I have been joking all along about the warnings I missed about this investigation. But honestly, I am so glad we were there! This poor kid was so lucky. Amy and Mandy knew exactly what to do. They were cool, calm, and collected. I didn’t really do much but I’m glad I got to talk to him and was there if needed for something. And, we were there when all of his so-called friends totally abandoned him.

On the way home Mandy went live giving a recap. She of course blames me for the night since I’m from Kentucky. There were several times during the day and night she threatened to leave me there. She also said they might ban me for a while. Well, I would like to see them try! HAHAHAHA! They totally love me and would totally miss me! Who else would they get to burst out in song all the time?! Although, they are talking about going back on a weeknight, when it’s not overrun with teens. I’m pretty sure I’m busy that night…LOL

Anyways, it was a late, crazy night. We asked for something to happen and it sure did. This is one investigation I don’t think any of us will ever forget!

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