Amy, Kim, Mandy, and I decided to go investigate the location of a local urban legend. Mandy had been there before, Amy and Kim had heard of the legend, but not being a local I hadn’t heard the story. Mandy was the responsible person this time and got us the needed permits to be on […]
Question of day, why do haunted locations have creepy dolls? Ugh, the dreaded creepy doll. I mean, they just watch you. They follow you with their beady little eyes. Some eyes that look so real that I’m not so sure that they’re not. I think every location I’ve investigated has had at least one doll. […]
Pretty much most of my life I have been interested in the paranormal. Now, it’s a complete fascination with a major side of full speed ahead. No, I’ve never had what I would call a “real” experience. I haven’t seen an apparition. I haven’t heard a disembodied voice, but I have had a couple of […]
Part 1: Amsterdam and the Long Road to Romania Tue, November 5, 2019. After ten months of waiting, prepping and researching, the day had finally arrived! Being the procrastinator that I am, I finished packing early that morning (as well as cleaning) and had roughly 3 minutes to breathe before mom showed up to take […]